This toolbox guides you through a tried and tested circular innovation process and provides you with all the resources you'll need along the way.

It will take you on a journey towards the launch of a circular business model that is financially competitive, impact-driven and delights and engages the user.

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Welcome to the toolbox!

Each module covers a variety of topics and is packed with tools, from workshop sheets and interview guides to podcast episodes, educational slides and more. Below is a legend to help you navigate the toolbox.
These icons indicate what type of tool to expect throughout the toolbox—for example, Miro boards to use in online workshop settings, PDFs to read or slides to present and more.
Core Team
Individual work
Extended team
Most tools require a ‘core’ project team. Others require rallying an ‘extended’ team of colleagues for a limited time, while others are meant for individual use.
6 hours
An estimation of the time required is provided at every module and tool level.  At tool level, this is an indication of how long it takes to complete the exercise as a group. At module level, they also include a suggested lead time, but they do not include the time required for preparation or project management
For a more detailed overview of the total time required to complete this journey, you can check out Tool 1C Internal MOU.
We recommend going module by module and step by step, in the sequence we outline in this toolbox. Would you like an expert to guide you through this process? Learn more about how Circle Economy can support your organisation.

getting started

Set yourself up for success and check off the right boxes before diving in
5 hr 30 min over 2 months

Topics covered in this module

  • Understanding the urgency
  • Understanding circular business models
  • Selecting and getting to know your team
  • Getting sign-off from the top
  • Establishing your goals
Get started
or listen to how others got started:

Understanding the customer and the market

Get to know your (potential) customer and what they care about
14 hrs over 2 months

Topics covered in this module

  • Identifying and understanding your target customer and market
  • Generating customer insights
  • Generating market insights
  • From customer and market insights to concept
Start learning
or listen to how others designed their initial concept:

Prototyping your concept

Save yourself time and money by testing your concept with a prototype
3 hrs over 2 months

Topic covered in this module

  • Designing and testing a prototype
Start prototyping
or listen to how others prototyped their concept:

Fine-tuning your business model

Discover how your business model will work in practice and what its financial, social and environmental impact will be
22 hrs over 2 months

Topics covered in this module

  • Creating a business model blueprint
  • Identifying and selecting partners
  • Prioritising customer convenience
  • Building a business case
  • Safeguarding impact
Make your case
or listen to how others fine-tuned their business models with impact in mind:

Piloting your business model

Build your pilot roadmap and set yourself up for success to scale
7 hrs over 2 months

Topics covered in this module

  • Building a pilot plan
  • How to tell the story and create momentum
  • Scaling beyond the pilot
Launch a pilot
or listen to how others crafted their campaigns and planned for their pilots
Or listen to how others benefited from the circular innovation process: