The Circular Toolbox aims to enable apparel brands to design and launch their own circular business model, specifically a rental or resale business model. It is an initiative of Circle Economy, made possible thanks to the support of Laudes Foundation.
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Who is the toolbox for?





The Circular Toolbox is designed for brands looking to launch a circular business model. It can also be used by consultants supporting apparel brands, as well as professors teaching circular innovation and students learning about these concepts.

Our why

The apparel industry is changing. Circular business models are gaining rapid momentum in the market and capturing the attention of a new generation. Pioneering brands and innovators globally are forging a new path and proving how innovative rental and resale business models can allow us to do more with less.

The potential has never been more apparent, but the journey to get there is still not easy. A thousand questions arise… How can I design a circular business model that suits my brand's identity, market and product? How can I build a circular business model that aligns with our impact goals and financial targets? How can I get buy-in and support from my management and peers? How can I find the right partners for take-back, repair and laundry? The list goes on.

This is why we created this guide and toolbox—to help brands to design and launch circular business models that are financially competitive, impact-driven and that delight and engage the user.

The Circular Toolbox is an initiative of Circle Economy's Circle Textiles Programme, whose mission is to prevent and reduce the textiles waste mountain. Learn more on the Circle Economy website.


While the Circular Toolbox is designed to enable brands to independently design and launch their own resale or rental business model, we recognise and understand that it’s not always easy to do it alone.

Learn more about how our team can support you and get in touch with us here.

About the Switching Gear project

‘Switching Gear: Towards Circular Business Models’ was a Laudes Foundation-supported project, led by Circle Economy, that guided four apparel brands—Asket, ETP, Kuyichi and Lindex—on a circular innovation process towards the design and launch of rental and resale business model pilots by 2021. 

The project ran from 2019 to 2021. The Circular Toolbox brings together tools and insights from the project into a practical guide for apparel brands looking to explore circular business models. Case studies of the journey and outcomes of the participating brands are available below. To learn more about Switching Gear, please visit the Circle Economy website.