getting started

Set yourself up for success and check off the right boxes before diving in

time estimation

5 hr 30 min

key outcomes

After completing Module 1, you will have a common foundational knowledge of the circular economy and a thorough understanding of circular business models, their archetypes, impact potential and best practices. From this, you will build alignment on what a successful rental or resale model looks like for your brand. 

Module 1 will also equip you with a clear understanding of the journey ahead and the resources and buy-in needed to get started.

Understanding the urgency

Use the Urgency for Circular Business Models slides to kick-off the project and establish a common understanding, amongst your team, of the need for and benefits of circular business models.
Then complete the Key Elements of the Circular Economy tool to understand the key principles of the circular economy and see what else your company can consider when it comes to circularity.

Selecting and getting to know your team

Use the Team Canvas to learn about each other’s skills, motivations and allergies, build trust and define common goals and working methods.

Establishing your goals and success criteria

Use the CBM Success Criteria Canvas to align on concrete goals for your company, your customers and your impact and to answer the question: ‘What does a successful circular business model look like to us?’


Episode 1 of the Switching Gear podcast charts the very beginning of your journey: the start-up phase. This is a make or break moment for many—when nothing has started, but everything can be lost; when you need to convince others that this is a worthwhile pursuit, free up the resources to make it happen and put noses in the same direction…

Join Asket, Lindex, ETP and Kuyichi and your hosts, Gwen Cunningham and Hélène Smits, as they look back on the beginning of their own journey into resale and rental models.