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The tools in this section are designed to accompany apparel brands in designing and launching a circular business model such as rental or resale. Browsing the toolbox through ‘Module’ pages will provide you with additional guidance as to how to use the tools, in what sequence, with whom, and more.

All podcast episodes

The Switching Gear podcast follows the journey of four brands that participated in the Switching Gear project in 2019-2021. Each episode corresponds to a module on the toolbox and provides rich insights and perspectives from the people that have used these tools in practice.

All case studies

The tools in this toolbox were created thanks to the Switching Gear project, which supported four brands in launching a resale or rental business model. These case studies are written accounts of their experiences.

other resources

The Circle Economy
Knowledge Hub

The online library of circular economy case studies where anyone can contribute, with over 250 case examples in the textiles and apparel industry.
A new textiles economy: Redesigning fashion’s future
The transition to food fashion
The circularity gap report
The key elements of the circular economy framework
Elephant in the boardroom: Why unchecked consumption is not an option in tomorrow’s markets
Service-based business models & circular strategies for textiles
Something old, something borrowed: The rise of resale and rental in fashion
Drivers and barriers of circular business models in apparel: A framework
Changing our clothes: Why the clothing sector should adopt new business models
Does buying pre-loved clothing mean buying less new?
2020 fashion resale market and trend report
Basic pretotyping techniques
The future of garment technology in circular fashion
Leading circular: Pathways for evolving apparel and textile businesses from linear to circular
The future of circular fashion: Assessing the viability of circular business models
Building the business case for circular business models. Part 1: Resale
Building the business case for circular business models Part 2: Rental
The circular economy (is) in fashion: An investment decision support tool for fashion brands interested in circular fashion rental services
Avoiding blinsdpots: Promoting circular and fair Business models
Understanding the environmental savings of buying pre-owned fashion 
Reading the fine print: Ensuring circular business models are truly sustainable
Square your circle: How to ensure a just transition to reuse business models in apparel
‘Skin in the game’ points system